Your Corporate Package will have included downloadable images, which you can access once the session is paid in full.  This site serves as a repository for your images so that you can access them any time, from any where, which is very convenient.  You should also fee free to give the URL pointing to your images to your web and marketing people so they can access them directly – this saves you from downloading, e-mail, losing files, e-mails bouncing because they are too large….

This is how you download them.

  • Access your images via your unique URL which I will e-mail you with.  It’s usually something like name
  • Your images will appear with a watermark – but don’t worry, the watermark will not appear on the downloaded file.  That is just a copyright/security feature that I use on all images uploaded to the website.
  • Find your favorite images, and “shopping cart them”.
  • It will give you the option to chose a resolution, chose the highest resolution size available. *
  • Once done, it will step you through a typical check-out process.  As the corporate packages are pre-paid, you do not need to “pay” for the images online, it will skip the payment screen and bring you to a download area, or send you an order confirmation e-mail where you can download the images from that e-mail.

*Regarding image resolution, the original images are anywhere from 20MB to 50+MB!  much too large for anyone to do anything with.  I will typical resize them to approximately 8×10 at 300ppi.  This is still too large for web viewing.  Your web designers will resize them to 72ppi for faster viewing, and probably crop them to fit their template.  If you need help, just message me at

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