Logo Development is a process.

It’s no small task to decide upon the identity of your business!

You really have to be clear about who you are and what you want people to identify with when they see your logo. Prior to sitting down to discuss your new logo design, you may want to consult with an expert in branding.  If that’s the case I would be delighted to introduce you to my branding and PR partner, David Thomson of Thomson Communications.  We have often collaborated on logo/branding projects and he can guide you through the process and help you get the clarity you need before we get down to designing a logo.  If that’s outside your budget, you may find that the development could take a bit longer, as there are usually more “back and forths” as you work it out.  “Back and forths” usually mean more time, and you know what that means…sometimes spending the money on consultation up front, will save you on design time on the back end.  Just putting it out there!  We want to deliver to you a beautiful logo you will be proud to put on your website, store, polo, you name it.

The following outlines the typical logo development project:



We work to prepare several very rough drafts of some logos based on our discussions. We have a minimum of three for your review, however the first phase of creativity could spur on many more ideas from which to choose from. Before any idea goes too far in any direction, we will meet for our


Where you will have the opportunity to look at those rough drafts and find the one or two that resonate with you most. Those will then be taken back to the studio for


Based on the review meeting, we will take those one or two designs and further explore and enhance them in preparation for our


By this point, the designs will have been taken to the point where you will connect with a clear winner and make your selection. Adjustments to that design are discussed, then brought back to the studio for


We add the finishing touches.