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“Bel Paese”, Venice Italy – Canvas

Part of my series “Venetian Side Streets”.  Of course, there are no “streets” in Venice, but what better way to get around town than via boat or vaporetto.  The centuries old canals, and the beautiful buildings that seemingly rise from the water itself, bloated with time and water – it’s a site and experience like no other.  Be sure to get there to experience it before the water finally wins its fight for supremacy.
Bel paese (or Belpaese, IPA: [ˌbɛl paˈeːse, -eːze]) is the classical poetical appellative for Italy, meaning the “beautiful country” in Italian, due to its mild weather, cultural heritage and natural endowment.
I loved this scene – the colors really struck me, and so, “Venetian Side Streets” was born.