First off, THANK YOU so much for having us at your office for your photography needs.  We hope the process wasn’t too painful!  If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard people say “I HATE having my pictures taken”, well, we could retire soon.

The email that sent you to this page will also have included a link to your images.  You’ve probably already had a look at them, and you’re probably wondering what happens next.

Here’s some info about our process:

headshots by lauren poussard photography beverly ma
  • How Images Are Organized On the Site.

    On larger shoots, the images are organized into folders to help you find images faster.

  • Don't Worry...

    Anything labeled “Proofs” or “Unstyled” have not been retouched in any way. So don’t worry if you see a foot, a piece of equipment, or an unwanted passer-by in these images – any selections will be retouched and those things will be removed.

  • Proofs

    These folders have downloading turned off so that you don’t inadvertently download and use an image that hasn’t been retouched or “blessed” by the photographer – or the subject.  This is especially important on the portraits – nobody wants an unretouched photo of them being used inadvertently.

  • Pick JUST Your Favorites

    Portraits are different – everybody wants some retouching – so the best way to communicate your favorites of your team, is to use the “heart” button that appears over the image.  When you click that, it creates a list on the back end that tells me which ones you want retouched.  Everyone can have a retouched image of each “vignette” – but typically not multiples of the same pose – that’s just silly.  lol. This is also how we keep our costs down, by retouching the best – not all.

  • Compositing Teams

    For the Team photos, you should also select the best one.  If we used a tripod, it is possible that we can swap out faces – there is ALWAYS somebody who’s talking or blinking lol.  Just email us with questions about that.

  • Styling

    Typically we don’t add a style to our initial retouching and proofs.  We provide some samples in a separate folder so you get an idea of what the possibilities are.  You may not even need them right away.  We can always go back and style images for your website or other collateral.

  • Body Work

    As a rule, we airbrush everyone, but we don’t immediately apply body work – no body shaming here!  But, we do know almost everyone is sensitive about their appearance, so if anyone on the team needs a digital nip or tuck, we can certainly do that for them.  Just pop us an email with your specific needs and we can make that happen.

  • Hosting of Images

    Your images are hosted on our website forever as a backup for you – and me.  You can always go back to the site to re-download images, so if your computer crashed, or you can’t find the images anywhere, you can pop back to the site and find them again.

  • Sharing is Caring

    Feel free to share your favorites on social media and tag us if you’re happy!

    Also, you can share the links to downloadable files with graphic designers, PR agents, or anyone who may need them.  They will then have access to the high resolution versions of the files.

    Always use the original hi-res files when producing collateral!

Still have questions? Give us a shout!