I am pleased to announce the recent launch of lpsites in partnership with DeltaSites.com and Concept Compass.

I have been developing websites since the early ’90’s, back when one had to code everything by hand.  I helped to develop web-based documentation and intranet sites to support the complex data networks I was designing and maintaining when I was an IT Consultant.  At that time, I was designing data centers, redundantly and disparately routed network topologies and voice and data networks for my clients.  Despite not having worked full-time in IT for some time, this skill has never really been lost, and I have kept up with the latest trends and technologies out of necessity for my own businesses.   Over time, I have seen a convergence between my photography , IT and website design skills.  In fact I am often working with designers to help populate client sites with photography and custom infographics, so it makes sense to be able to offer to my clients a “one stop shop” for the website needs.  It is unique that one individual would have skills in both areas, and I believe this offers clients an opportunity to reduce project time and costs by keeping it all under one roof.

I also believe in supporting local business and the power of a “Power Team” (to be redundant), so I am delighted to have partnered with local businesses to offer a comprehensive solution for you.   I have chosen local business DeltaSites for my web hosting.  DeltaSites is a state-of-the-art hosting facility located in nearby Beverly Ma by entrepreneur and IT officianado Danny Stamp.  As a designer of data centers myself, it was clear to me that the infrastructure that Danny has designed for what was originally a hosting facility for the medical field, was one of speed, integrity and redundancy, which you will agree, are critical factors.  I also like being able to GO to the data center and see for myself “MY” servers and have a local person at the end of the phone whenever I need them.  In an era of outsourcing to other countries, we can all agree, this is a good thing!

On the web development side, I have partnered with local business Tom Dennesen’s Concept Compass to be able to provide expertise and support on matters large and small.  Tom is an experienced project manager and web developer specializing in Word Press and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), who also has a gift for empowering his clients with knowledge. The ongoing training and support he provides his clients is unparalleled.

There is alot of confusion out there as to what is involved in web services these days.  What is involved in hosting?  what is SEO?  what platform should the site be built on?  read on to learn more….

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