Thank you for inviting me to photograph this historic weekend! We took over 2000 images and will be working to get them uploaded here ASAP!  Click this link to go directly to the ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY GALLERIES! 



“Lauren Poussard is exactly what I was looking for. Choosing a photographer for my headshots was giving me extreme anxiety, and I was lucky enough to actually walk right into her. I immediately felt like she was the type of person I wanted to work with. I made the dreaded call and bam! we had a session scheduled for a week later. Lauren made me feel so comfortable during my shoot and I didn’t feel abandoned after. She has answered every question I had, quickly and I never felt that I was bothering her. I am now the proud owner of some fantastic heashots, all thanks to Lauren. I can’t recommend her enough. “
Carla, Operatic Soprano