Product Photography


What product or service do you provide your clients?

Apparel?  Technology? Jewelry?  Equipment?  Medical Devices?  Consulting Services? Wine? Construction?


You deserve images of your product or service that reflect the quality, expertise and value that you offer your clients – let us help tell that story!


Our product photography covers pretty much anything you need to advertise on your website or marketing materials:

Traditional Product Photography

Our Traditional Product Photography covers physical products that need to be photographed in a controlled environment in our studio.  Typically these are items you might be selling online and need a clean white background, or items that need a very controlled lighting environment, such as jewelry, small equipment, apparel, etc.

Product food photography beverly

A clean white background makes your product really “pop” and makes it easy for graphic design afterwards.


On Location “Lifestyle” Product or Service Photography

When your product or service is statically located, we can come to you!

Not everything can be shot in a studio, or maybe that’s just not the “look” you’re going for.  We are able to come to you to take images of whatever your product or service is wherever you are.

Jewelry and Apparel Photo Shoot Lynn Ma Poussard

A beautifully styled jewelry photoshoot, featuring beautiful, locally made, designer linen apparel. Shot on location in the Lynn Arts District.


Hi-End Product Photography and Digital Compositing

Some products are just trickier, especially reflective items.  They require more planning, more specialized lighting, and alot of post-production.

Digital Photography Composite for Gambino Prosecco

Hard to imagine, but this one image of Gambino Prosecco is a composite of 38 layers of photography and artwork to get it “just right”.


Product Packaging Design and Digital Mockups

When we say we are a full-service creative agency, we aren’t kidding!  For this project, we held a product shoot of the client’s product, designed new packaging using those elements, and created this digital mockup.  After they were manufactured, we held another shoot of the finished product.  We really can do it all!

Diabetic Dabs packaging Design and Mockup

For this project, we re-digitized the client’s logo, took the product photos that are featured on the packaging, designed the packaging – AND created this digital mockup. We can do it all!

Let's get started!

You deserve high quality imagery that best captures the quality of YOUR product or service.

You put alot of time, passion and expertise into your business – let Lauren Poussard Creative help capture and convey that energy with high-quality imagery.