1. Get In Touch

Fill in this form and let’s get the ball rolling on booking your session!

2. RSVP to Session E-Vite

Once we decide on a date and time we’ll send you a calendar invite.

3. Confirm Booking

Confirm your session on day we schedule it and receive $20 off!

4. Session Time!

Meet for session.  Don’t worry, we are extremely flexible if the weather or your schedule works against us.

5. Development Time & Email of Link

It takes us about a week to get all of the images proofed and a few examples retouched for you.  When they’re ready, we’ll email you a link to the galleries.

6. Make your selections!

Choose your faves and we will get to work retouching them.  Be sure to let us know which is your favorite so we can retouch and submit to the yearbook for you.

7. There is never any rush to order.

We hate expensive packages.  Order what you want, when you want.  Or don’t.  It’s totally up to you!  Our website produces amazing photographic prints and artwork.  Photo gifts make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays!