Website Support & Maintenance

We don’t believe in building a website and just forgetting it.  Your website is the epicenter of your business and proper care and feeding of the site is essential to your success.

Like the apps on your cellphone, the apps, themes and plug-ins on the back end of your website are constantly being upgraded to improve their functionality and increase security.  We have seen time and again how websites that were unattended for long periods of time have either crashed or fallen victim to hackers, leaving the business owner no choice but to find a web developer urgently and pay through the nose to get a site back online.

We offer a sensibly priced annual maintenance plan so that have your very own Web Department who will take care of things for and be a resource for you to call when you need help.

Here’s what we do:

Website Maintenance

$100/mo or $960 year

Our website maintenance program offers you peace of mind, especially if you are a smaller business with no technical people on staff.  On a monthly basis we will:

  • Monitor all apps and theme versions and perform “controlled” updates.
  • Monitor analytics and make sure traffic is coming, identify potential issues.
  • Monitor activity of your users of site to ensure everyone is following guidelines laid out in training.
  • Provide telephone support on any of your website issues.
  • Make minor content changes to the website upon request.


We have been designing websites for over 25 years.

Our creative work has always run in parallel with a career in IT that spans over 25 years. We have consulted for Top 100 financial and manufacturing firms around the globe.  Get Fortune 100 skills with boutique service for your business with LPCS Websites and Digital Marketing.

Marketing Support Packages

We speak to business owners all the time who are struggling to keep up with their marketing whilst still manage their business.  Sometimes you just need an extra hand to help you keep on track with your marketing plan.

We can help.

There is no way to gauge how many tasks we undertake or how long each one will take, so we have bundled our Marketing Support in prepaid blocks of time to save you money the more time you need.  We use an app to document our time down to the minute, and make sure we agree on task priorities and timelines and work as efficiently as possible to get them implemented on schedule.

We understand the challenges of the business owner, we are one!  We will treat your business as we do our own (frankly, better).

Here are just some of the things we can help you with:

Marketing Support

$500/10hr - $900/20hr

Before we begin, we will work together to formulate a plan that suits your needs, which include any and/or all of the following services:

  • Creating content on website to share on social media.  This could involve creating blog posts on your behalf and could involve capturing the photos to be used in the blog.
  • Publishing your website content on a schedule we devise to keep your content fresh and your website “active” to the search engines.
  • Create visual content to be used for any purpose, print media, social media, and which could include the shooting of images, creating fun ‘meme’s or promotional artwork.
  • Managing your social media pages.
  • Help setting up Google Analytics, reporting, Google My Business or creating new ad campaigns.
  • Install/update SEO on site.
  • Make recommendations, adjust our course based on the trends we uncover from our efforts.
  • Provide any assistance with email, direct mail campaigns, etc.
  • Photography (*excludes drone/aerial services)
  • Basically, if it involves digital marketing and design, we can help!

Please note, pricing is for services rendered only and that the purchase of stock art, google ad campaigns, fonts, third party web applications, etc, is not included.

Please note, these packages run independent of each other.  Website Maintenance and Support puts you on the monthly support rotation and expires on the  year anniversary of signing up.  Marketing Support Services is an individualized plan to execute specific tasks and is measured as we go.  You will be notified when we are nearing the end of the time block so you can decide next course of action.